Complete Your Arsenal with A PENN® Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

Meet the new players in the Lowpro game. PENN® Low Profile Baitcasting Reels are filling a crucial void in the fishing world. Anglers in the Northeast fishing fluke, striped bass, and tautog have found this inclusion a breath of fresh sea air, as have Gulf anglers — think redfish, snook or tarpon. The new PENN® line of Low Profile Baitcasters represent the most comprehensive spread of Low Profile Reels available to the saltwater angler.

For bass fishing anglers, fan-casters of crankbait and spinnerbait, and those pitching jigs into serious cover, Low Profile Baitcasters excel when it comes to working lures. For saltwater enthusiasts, PENN® reels are meant for the ocean, and it stands to reason the latest entries into the Low Profile field rest on our reputation for saltwater applications.

Line control, accurate casts, excellent strike detection and monster cranking power for high drag baits, PENN® Low Profile rely on expert machining to achieve tournament-level performance in the toughest waters. Full metal frame, HT 100 Carbon Finer Drag System, brass main gear, stainless steel bearing system with unparalleled power – a PENN® Low Profile Baitcaster completes the angler’s arsenal.

Fathom® & Squall®: Fresh Options in Low Profile Reels

With these new Lowpro options, anglers can choose their ideal fit. Rely on PENN® Fathom® Low Profile for its tough body and extra durability under high drags, thanks to the TiN Coated Level Wind System and Synchronized Drag and Level Wind system (400 only) that features an extra bearing. You’ll know the Fathom® for the gold accent and lightweight grip. The PENN® Squall® Low Profile Reel offers an alternative price point and does not stint on durability with its full metal body, 5+1 stainless steel bearing system, and machined brass gears. Welcome to tournie day!