Squall® II Level Wind

From $139.95

Slammer® IV Spinning

From $259.95

Pursuit® IV Spinning

From $49.99

International® VI

From $529.95

International® VISX

From $579.95

International® VISW

From $679.95

International® VIS

From $609.95

Warfare™ Star Drag

From $104.99

Torque® II Spinning

From $699.95

US Senator®

From $269.95

Wrath™ Reel

From $44.99

Fierce® III Reel

From $74.95

Squall® Level Wind

From $124.95

Senator® Star Drag

From $174.95

Fathom® Lever Drag

From $229.95

PENN® Offshore Fishing Reels for The Beasts of The Sea

When it comes to the beasts that inhabit the deep blue, anglers have only experience, fate, and first-rate gear to rely on. Sword experts and bluewater captains put all their chips on PENN® equipment when they are out in the punishing depths on a quest for the greats: tuna, sailfish, swordfish, amberjack, red snapper, tilefish, mahi mahi and wahoo – big boys that send an angler’s soul soaring. PENN® Offshore Fishing Reels meet the demands of deep-sea fishing for bottom dwellers that lurk in the crevices and Gulf Stream anglers fishing Marathon Hump for a blue marlin.

Offshore Fishing Gear That’s Best in Its Class

PENN® is a household name when it comes to Best Offshore Reels in their class. That’s because, in part, they have the guts to handle serious abuse while working a 50-lb class reel either standing or in the chair. This offshore gear grinds it out for a wide range of applications including jigging, baiting and bottom fishing. Our monster reels are perfect for offshore, nearshore, and trolling for kings and dolphins on that sneaky stretch of the mid-Atlantic — precision machines under extreme drag settings for any saltwater behemoth. This is rugged big game gear of the finest quality, designed with the long-lasting durability, corrosion resistance, ergonomics, and lightweight power that PENN® has built their name on.

Offshore Fishing Gear for Deep Sea Adventure

Long range trip SoCal style? Offshore Reels handle the battle with the ultimate in Offshore Fishing Reels. International® VISW gets serious with its large stainless steel gear train for strength and speed and Dura-Drag system, which results in a smoother start up and virtually eliminates hesitation even under extreme drag settings. Shop Torque® Lever Drag 2 Speed for its open top design, machined and anodized aluminum body and sideplates and lightweight forged aluminum spool and Quick Shift™ 2-Speed system that easily shifts into high or low gear. Or, relish in the Fierce® line of offshore and nearshore fishing equipment for its versatility and value.