PENN® Offshore Fishing Rods for Epic Battles

Oh, the wandering heart of an angler. For some, it leads them offshore into the deep blue where the toughest battles are waged. It’s widely agreed that the ultimate fishing experiences occur offshore. When you get there, you better be holding a formidable stick against the kings of the sea – trolling the sea for big game requires a rod that will endure maximum pressure and have the comfort for long battles. PENN® Boat Spinning, Conventional Rods, and Slow Pitch Casting Rods are durable and sensitive with construction of the highest integrity. Whether it’s Ulua off Hawaii’s coast or on the trail of sailfish off South Florida, these products of toughness, lightness, and responsiveness are essential when there’s big action waiting offshore.

Offshore Rods Give the Advantage to the Angler

Rugged big game gear is made complete with an Offshore Fishing Rod from PENN®, the perfect complement to an Offshore Reel for deep sea fishing. Offshore enthusiasts worldwide give a respectful nod to the PENN® International VI, which features one-piece tubular construction ideal for applying maximum pressure to the fish with a mechanical advantage that always favors the angler. And pros agree that PENN® Carnage™ II line comprises a new generation of super light but powerful rods. Choose from the Jig Conventional, the Boat Conventional, or the Jig Spinning Rod. Now that you’re ready, let the wind, wave, and tide take you where you need to go.