Jigmaster® Combo

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Battle® III Combo

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Pursuit® IV LE Combo

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Wrath™ Combo

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Passion® II Combo

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Pursuit® IV Combo

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Senator® Combo

From $154.95

PENN® Rod & Reel Combos Are Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

Widely thought to be a beginner’s choice of tackle, today, PENN® Rod and Reel Combos prove that the value of a PENN® Fishing Rod and Reel is greater than the sum of its parts for most any application. Anglers seeking a complete fish catching package rely on PENN® Rod and Reel Combos in part because we’ve done the hard work of choosing the perfect pairings, from the action of the rod to the ratio of the reel. Choosing a Fishing Rod and Reel Combo isn’t just for ease of purchase and cost efficiency – though those have always been good reasons to acquire a combined set-up. While Combos are affordable and eliminate the difficulty of choosing gear, leaving pairing decision to experts in the fishing arena means you know you have a ready-made setup from a trusted brand to take you into the wild.

Perfectly Balanced Fish-Taming Combos

Today’s Rod and Reel Combos provide strong, smooth, durable set ups that function for the most common presentations. PENN® manufactures the best reels in the business, and with 75 years of experience, a consistent Best Of list topper, and 1,400 IGFA world records, when paired with our superior rods, anglers are hitting the water confidently outfitted. And with a full assortment of inshore, surf, and boat combinations, there is something for every angler.

PENN® Duos: An Outstanding Rod Meets Its Match

Seeking a remarkable Rod and Reel Combo with top shelf components that is comfortable and well balanced? PENN® has you covered with the perfect setup. For starters, we’ve paired the Senator®, one of PENN®’s most widely respected reels, with an angler-friendly Slammer® Rod to create a Rod and Reel Combo with unsurpassed power and great feel. To make a complete fish-catching package for spinfishing, we’ve combined our newly renovated PENN® Spinfisher VI with a factory matched Spinfisher VI graphite composite rod. The resulting Spinfisher VI Combo will get you into the fish faster.

Power and performance come together for inshore, boat, or surf fishing in the form of the PENN® Fierce® III Spinning Combos. The rod features a graphite composite blank, one-piece stainless steel Dura-Guides, and finger grooves in the EVA grips for extra traction, and the reel features a full metal body and sideplate and Live Liner drag system, making it ideal for bait fishing. For female anglers, two is better than one in the PENN® Passion Combo, a lightweight full metal reel paired with Passion Rod’s exclusive WINN grips, ideal for female hands.