Slammer® IV Spinning

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Torque® II Spinning

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Z Series Spinning

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PENN® Surf Fishing Reels for Seasoned Anglers

Surf fishing is for the discriminating, eagle-eyed angler. Those passionate about surf fishing know the sand bar and its outflows, eye the shells that lead to the deeper holes, and keep a keen eye out for feeding birds and a sharp weather eye. Those who prefer their feet on land are playing an observer’s game, and the knowledge required to play comes from experience. It’s the quickest route to becoming a seasoned surf angler. But there’s no doubt it’s worth the time — who has more fun than a surf fisherman when the blues are boiling?

Surf Fishing Gear That Goes the Distance

Those piling their surf fishing gear into the vehicle and heading to North Carolina's Outer Banks or Texas’ Padre Island to surf fish know their priorities. Saltwater casting from the beach requires gear that’s versatile, durable, and precision-designed for long, effortless casts. PENN® Surf Fishing Reels are made with a singular focus on cast distance that has won over surf casters for decades. Our line of Surf Reels delivers superior casting reels that provide the necessary confidence when en route to the beach.

Balance & Versatility Surf Fishing Priority

Balance and versatility are fundamental to the PENN® Spinfisher line. Precise machining allows casting over extremely long distances, and the Spinfisher® VI Long Cast Spinning Reel comes with four presets for rear drag adjustment that deliver on-the-fly adjustments to handle all sizes of fish. Its all-metal body is specially coated for protection against sand and spray from the crashing waves. Surf anglers can also opt for the Fathom® II for repeated distance and the ultimate torque, just for starters. Take an eagle-eye to all the Surf Fishing Reels in our collection. Have a good catch and enjoy the spray.